Cincinnati Riverfront Coliseum , US 


9 septembre 1975



I believe this was the first concert at the coliseum. I won the tickets in a raffle from my high school, Mcnicholas. Only a few students forked over the .50 cents for a raffle ticket; they thought the drawing was for the Osmond brothers. I still would have entered the drawing. All styles and music can be different but talent exists in 99.9%, well 85% of it all.
ajouté par stephen heim
It was one of the first concerts at the coliseum, that's for sure. It was a bit of a letdown. The band played without energy and just went through the motions. They didn't do a lot of the Big Hits. The Allman Brothers were my favorite band. one of the best acts ever in rock, blues, but that night they were off.
ajouté par Walter Mullins
This concert was Opening Night for Riverfront Coliseum. Attendence for this event was 16,721 persons.
ajouté par Kevin Vergamini

Concert ajouté par stephen heim
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