Cincinnati Riverfront Coliseum , US 


9 janvier 1978



Iron Maiden and Judas Priest opened
ajouté par Ed Thornhill
Rockets were the warmup band, not Iron Maiden/ Judas Priest. Also, the concert was postponed a few days due to snow. I remember us passing my Dad on Eastern Av as we were going to the concert as he was going home from work. I got introduced to them from my first album "Dressed to Kill" and when "Destroyer" came out, I was hooked. KISS is still my favorite band. Their Alive II tour was this one. Wore out my double 8-tracks of the album. They were not known for their musicianship, but the show in itself was unbelievable, especially for a 17 year old. 12 more KISS concerts I would attend to up until the late 90's.
ajouté par Jeff Sollmann

Concert ajouté par budman 79
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