Rainbow Theatre, London GB 


17 juin 1981



The best concert I have ever attended (must have been great if the NME said "blah" to it!). The best time to see the Jam, as they played the better part of Setting Sons and Sound Affects and before things got a little bogged down with the horns and so forth on the Trans-Global Express tour a year later. Paul was wearing a paisley shirt buttoned to the top and bowling type shoes. The crowd was intense. I believe the first two numbers were Going Underground and A Bomb and the encore was Heatwave and Eton Rifles. Other highlights were Set The House Ablaze (with the same vocal arrangement as in the Dig The New Breed version), But I'm Different Now, and Private Hell. This is the Modern World was the nostalgia number. This was a better gig than the Transglobal Express tour stop I saw in Glen Cove, New York in May 1982. As an American living in the Midwest, I find myself discussing this concert with younger fans who, by age and geography, did not come close to seeing the Jam. Their awe and rapt attention to the story is well placed.
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The first time I ever saw The Jam. This concert promoted the single 'Funeral Pyre'. Awesome concert, full of Rage and power!
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