Stockholm Stadion, Stockholm SE 


12 juillet 2007


ajoutée par Julian Jacoby
ajoutée par Julian Jacoby
ajoutée par Julian Jacoby

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H.I.M. setlist:

01. Dead lovers' lane
02. Right here in my arms
03. Soul on fire
04. The wings of a butterfly
05. The kiss of dawn
06. Buried alive by love
07. Wicked game

Metallica (Sick Of The Studio '07 Tour) setlist:

01. Creeping death
02. For whom the bell tolls
03. Ride the lightning
04. Disposable heroes
05. The unforgiven
06. ...And justice for all
07. The memory remains
08. No leaf clover
09. Orion
10. Fade to black
11. Master of puppets
12. Whiplash
13. Sad but true
14. Nothing else matters
15. One
16. Enter sandman
17. The four horsemen
18. Seek & destroy
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