Winterland, San Francisco US 


27 mars 1976



It was an incredible show, first time I saw lasers used in a light show for a concert. Have never been to another concert that compares to the energy of the crowd and the band that night. Chills down my spine just thinking about it.
ajouté par Kent Searight
SeeN them in anihiem(LA) at the Big A(angels) on sunday march 21 , crazy, uncontrollable crowd kept pushing forward towards the stage every time pete raised his arm . i was pretty close to the stage , thought i was going to die .I managed to make it through. I had tickets for the following weekends show in SF at winterland on Sat. March 27 too. After the show in LA , after going through hell NEARLY BEING CRUSHED , all i could think about was how can i see them in SF without having to go through that again. i wasnt sure how it might be in such a small place as winterland , couldn't risk it. i knew what i had to do. >Arrived home from LA , monday march 22 , by early morning 1:00 am wednesday march 24, i was already in my car and on my up to san fransisco for the following saturday march 27th show . When i arrived no one was there but me :) Iput my bag out on the street and there i stayed 3 days and 2 nights. >>>First guy in line for The WHO March 27, 1976 . As usual for the bigger events on the day of the show ,Bill Graham would walk the streets out front making sure it was all running smooth. So many people there by saturday morning the line was FAT and LONG and people everywhere looking for tickets . All things considered one had to wonder ,every one was asking me over and over all day ,HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN HERE ? hahahhahah well Bill wondered too , he approached me and asked me how long i had been in line , when i told him he immediately told his security>>> "let this man in one full hour before any one else goes through those doors" true to his word, I was let in one full hour before scheduled door opening ! besides consesions i was pretty much all alone ,,,,,the stage was all set up ,all ready to go. i sat down dead center against the stage and didn't move till the dust had cleared . one of the most profound experiences of my life . WHO =MAXIMUM R&B!
ajouté par Dan Odom

Concert ajouté par Kent Searight
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