Innsbrook Pavilion, Richmond US 


12 juin 2004



except fro a jl diary

We had a blast at the first annual Blues, Brews, and Barbeque festival in Richmond, VA. There were several bands before Jonny and the guys. It was sort of an all day festival. There was even a “Best Barbeque” contest. If memory serves me right, I believe a local restaurant won the contest. I voted for the NC Barbeque but I guess I’m a bit biased. The weather was wonderful. Being that it was the middle of June it was very hot. But I did get some excellent photos throughout the day. It looked like the guys had a good time. After all these years, I still have to say that “A Quitter Never Wins” and “Irish Angel” are still my favorite songs to hear performed live. Although I do love “Hide Your Love”. It was the same set list as they have been performing for a while now. But I never tire of it. A few days after each show, I’m ready for more and planning our next trip! I just wish they would come down here closer to home. The only set back to the show was that it was general admission. Which meant that after we got our seats, we couldn’t leave them. We sat there ALL day (which means I got burnt up like a piece of bacon!)
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