Queens Hall, Edinburgh GB 


22 décembre 1997



£6.50 place was packed, they'd become huge by then, due in part to supporting Oasis at Loch Lomond, so the ned factor was high
ajouté par Hugh Menzies
Brilliant wee gig. When my friend and I arrived we were worried we’d arrived at the wrong place, street was filled with teenagers and my friend and I (in our very early 20’s) immediately decided that if it was a nedfest inside we’d head round to The Peartree for the evening instead! The venue was perfect though, neither of us had been here for a gig before so we were enamoured with the place. Found a perfect spot up on the balustrade, practically above the band. What a view we had. Ofcourse, we got no photos because we didn’t have our cameras with us. We just enjoyed the moment. Still remember it vividly. Travis were raw and energetic. It really was a great gig.
ajouté par Dawn Barr

Concert ajouté par Hugh Menzies
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