Shaw Theatre, London GB 


7 avril 1987



The Leicester Bley Band consisted of musicians from Leicester Polytechnic Performing Arts Centre and the director was the well-known composer Gavin Bryars. Instrumentation: voice, trumpet, alto sax, alto sax/flute, tenor sax, baritone sax, flugelhorn, tenor horn, tuba, guitar, piano, organ, double bass (played by Bryars himself), drums and percussion. Of course they played a programme of pieces composed by Carla Bley, including Blunt Object, Do Ya, I'm a Mineralist and Hot River. Bley’s own band were: herself keyboards, Larry Willis piano, Hiram Bullock guitar, Steve Swallow bass, Victor Lewis drums, Don Alias percussion. The setlist was Blunt Object, Siam, Do Ya, Wervin', I'm a Mineralist, Music Mecanique II, Murder, The Lord Is Listenin' to Ya, Hallelujah!, The Internationale, Hot River. Not exactly the footstomping kind of jazz but interesting melody and harmony, music that keeps your attention, considerable variety. Reviewed by Mark Sinker in Wire 40, June 1987.
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