Royal Festival Hall, London GB 


2 décembre 2016



Family Atlantica, who appear in small group and big band as well as duo format, are London-based and inspired by the musics from both sides of the ocean. The duo consisted of Luzmira Zerpa, singer, cuatro and maracas player, and Jack Yglesias, percussionist. The songs were rooted in Venezuelan music and based on often familiar Latin rhythmic forms with a foray into calypso which is also indigenous to Venezuela as the result of workers being brought in from Trinidad when British companies were building the railways. Zerpa's singing was infectious and a reticent audience gradually woke up and sang along to the choruses and even danced. She explained each song well and was successful in 'working the audience'. The percussion was good too. An enjoyable session.
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Concert ajouté par Ashurbanipal
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