Kirceki Station, Istanbul TR 


15 avril 2006



This was a performance by what have been known as whirling dervishes - a ceremony of music and dancing in which the dancers whirl round continuously in a mesmerising fashion until, it is said, they are actually in a trance. It is related to the mystical Sufi branch of Islam. I think this show is really for tourists but nonetheless it came over as genuine with no special tricks for foreigners as sometimes happens with flamenco or tango shows for instance. A splendid and highly unusual experience.
There were 7 dancers, 3 male (dressed in white) and 4 female (dressed in colours). There were three singers, two drummers (different types) who also sang, a cymbals player/singer, a stringed instrument player (possibly a tambura) who also sang, a lap stringed instrument, three wind instruments (maybe kavals). The name of the performers comes from Mevlana, also known as Rumi, an Iranian Sufi scholar and poet of the 13th century.
ajouté par Ashurbanipal

Concert ajouté par Ashurbanipal
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