Royalty Theatre, London GB 


6 novembre 1988



Avant-garde music. Kronos Quartet were David Harrington violin, John Sherba violin, Hank Dutt viola and Joan Jeanrenaud cello. They played Four for Tango (Astor Piazzola), Hunting, Gathering (Kevin Volens), Cat of Nine Tails (Tex Avery Directs de Sade) (John Zorn), Half Wolf Dances Mad in Moonlight (Terry Riley), 8th Quartet (Peter Sculthorpe) and Fratres (Arvo Pärt). Naked City were John Zorn alto sax, Bill Frisell guitar, Fred Frith bass guitar, Wayne Horvitz keyboards and Joey Baron drums. Both sets were good. Interesting pieces from the quartet and loud, very fast, way-out, mixed-genre stuff from Naked City. Reviewed by Ben Watson in Wire 58/59, New Year 1989.
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