Free Trade Hall, Manchester GB 


27 avril 1963



The famous Mulligan quartet of the 1950s usually featured a trumpet (Chet Baker in particular) with Mulligan's baritone sax but here, in contrast, we have Bob Brookmeyer on trombone (both Mulligan and Brookmeyer also played a bit of piano). Accompanying the horns were Bill Crow double bass and Dave Bailey drums. So a darker sound but still smooth, mellifluous, cool. Supporting Mulligan was the Dankworth orchestra: Kenny Wheeler & Gus Galbraith trumpets, Eddie Harvey trombone, Dankworth alto sax/clarinet, Art Ellefson saxes/clarinet, Vic Ash baritone sax/clarinet, poss Ronnie Ross sax, Alan Branscombe piano/vibes, prob Kenny Napper double bass and Ronnie Stephenson drums, Bobby Breen and Joy Marshall vocals. One of the tour concerts was reviewed by Les Tomkins in Crescendo 1/10, May 1963.
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Concert ajouté par Ashurbanipal
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