Eastman Theater, Rochester US 


25 mars 1994



This concert was a tribute to Samuel Adler, composer, and these compositions were performed: Snowtracks (Linda Lister soprano with the Eastman Wind Ensemble, conductor Donald Hunsberger), Shadow Dances (Eastman Philharmonia, conductor Timothy Koch) and Choose Life (Rebecca Karpoff soprano, Joseph Evans tenor, with the Chorale, Chorus (in which my brother John sang) and Philharmonia. Much of the music consisted of settings of poetry, extracts from the Bible and Talmud and other writings. The number of musicians/singers involved was upwards of three hundred - even the wind ensemble had fifty-one players. The music was not particularly appealing to me but it was good quality I think, certainly ambitious.
ajouté par Ashurbanipal

Concert ajouté par Ashurbanipal
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