Hammersmith Odeon, London GB 


octobre 1971



The orchestra this time was: Cootie Williams, Mercer Ellington, Edward Preston, Money Johnson, trumpets, John Coles trumpet/flugelhorn, Chuck Connors, Malcolm Taylor, Booty Wood, James Cheatham, trombones (one of them played bass trombone), Russell Procope alto sax/clarinet, Norris Turney alto sax/clarinet/flute, Harold Minerve alto sax, Paul Gonsalves tenor sax, Harold Ashby tenor sax/clarinet, Harry Carney baritone sax/bass clarinet, Duke Ellington piano, Joe Benjamin double bass, Rufus Jones drums, Bobbie Gordon, Tony Watkins vocal. Much of this concert was based on the recent album New Orleans Suite and so not so much of the old classics. Still a great band – Cootie Williams and Harry Carney being the oldest members I believe, Johnny Hodges had just died, but everyone a first-rate musician. But the singers were not good.
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