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This was in the period 1957-60, probably earlier rather than later. The band probably were: Pat Halcox trumpet, Chris Barber trombone, Monty Sunshine clarinet, Eddie Smith (or possibly Dick Bishop) banjo, Dick Smith double bass, Ron Bowden (or possibly Graham Burbridge) drums. The instrumentation reflects the revivalist dixieland ideology of the times, ie no piano, and banjo rather than guitar. However they were an impeccable band and played the standard repertoire with taste and verve, without the histrionics of other bands of the era. Ottilie Patterson was the singer with the band at that time. (A friend who was with me said that Lonnie Donegan was on banjo - I don't recall this but, if it is so, it would place the gig earlier, before Donegan's departure in April 1956). An exciting introduction to jazz club atmosphere.
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