Albany Empire, London GB 


avril 1986



This huge band was put together by the Rolling Stones drummer. They played jazz standards. Musicians (everyone not absolutely verified but no one less than very likely): Harry Beckett, Dave DeFries, Jimmy Deuchar, Ted Emmett, John Huckridge, Steve Sidwell, Colin Smith trumpet; John Picard, Chris Pyne, Paul Rutherford, Annie Whitehead trombone; Olaf Vass clarinet/flute; Willie Garnett, Peter King, Ray Warleigh alto sax, Danny Moss, Evan Parker, Courtney Pine, Alan Skidmore, Don Weller, Bobby Wellins tenor sax; Gail Thompson baritone sax; Jack Bruce cello; Jim Lawless, Bill Le Sage vibraphone; Stan Tracey piano; Dave Green, Ron Mathewson double bass; Bill Eyden, John Stevens, Charlie Watts drums. Simon Phillips may also have been there on drums but I recall only three drummers. Some of the trumpet players may also have played flugelhorn. Either or both of the two bassists possibly may have doubled on bass guitar. Highly entertaining and enjoyable gig.
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Concert ajouté par Ashurbanipal
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