Pine Knob Amphitheatre, US 


24 mai 1995



And dont forget human bowling and the killer sod fight that got me escorted out in the first place. Then we washed up in an outdoor swimming pool so we could go see the Phunk Junkies at a place in Pontiac. What a night.
ajouté par Greg Bennert
Jeff, Greg and I went to this one I think there were some peripheral people that I don't remember. It was the local top 40 radio station's summer thing.

I know that we hade an extra ticket that we couldn't get rid of which came in handy later.

Duran Duran, The Ramones, and others I'll look up and post later.

There were fires on the hill that security/ushers could not put out quicker than they were being lit.

Lot's of moshing, Greg got carried out by some security guys, but he used the extra ticket to get back in.

ajouté par Greg Bruce Jones

Concert ajouté par Greg Bruce Jones
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