Churchill Theatre, Bromley, London GB 


7 avril 2019



This band has been around in various forms for well over sixty years and I saw an early version around 1957. Unfortunately Barber himself was not present at the gig because he was hospitalised after breaking a hip – he’s nearly 89 years old. The musicians were: Magic Mike Henry trumpet/cornet/vocal, Pete Rudeforth trumpet/vocal, Bob Hunt trombone/trumpet/arranger, Bert Brandsma clarinet/tenor sax/vocal, Ian Killoran clarinet/alto sax/tenor sax, Nick White clarinet/soprano sax/alto sax/baritone sax, Joe Farler banjo/guitar, John Day double bs, John Watson drums. As expected the repertoire was stylistically broad, ranging from pre-jazz ragtime (Whistling Rufus) through New Orleans (Bourbon Street Parade, When the Saints) and 20s/early 30s stuff (Ellington’s Rent Party Blues, Jungle Nights in Harlem, Jubilee Stomp, East St Louis Toodle-Oo, Merry-Go-Round, Black And Tan Fantasy/The Mooche, C Jam Blues, Hot And Bothered, and Rockin’ in Rhythm). And Wild Cat Blues (originally by Sidney Bechet/Clarence Williams), Whatcha Gonna Do (Harlem Hamfats/Kansas Joe McCoy), Petite Fleur of course (also Bechet), a Brownie McGhee/Sonny Terry number – Cornbread, Peas And Black Molasses – and even Miles Davis’s All Blues. Finally, Ice Cream. This band are really good musicians and the Ellington classics were superb, the arrangements keeping close to the originals but not completely.
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