Union Chapel, Islington, London GB 


24 mai 2019



Another great gig with the Arkestra. The familiar repertoire which included Stranger In Paradise, Hocus Pocus and Space Is The Place. Marshall Allen on alto sax/electronic instruments; both Knoel Scott and Danny Ray Thompson on baritone sax (the latter flute as well); Tara Middleton was again the singer; other musicians played trumpet, trombone, French horn, tenor sax/flute, piano/keyboard, double bass, drums, percussion. Several probably were with the band a couple of years ago. Just about everyone also played percussion of various kinds, Scott and Thompson in particular. Everyone contributed vocals and the show began with a declamatory vocal by an unknown performer who spent the rest of the time in the audience. Long may this band continue.
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Concert ajouté par Ashurbanipal
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