Aldwych Theatre, London GB 


26 juillet 1991



This was a tango musical, entitled Tango Argentino, created by Claudio Segovia and Hector Orezzoli. It progressed through the different forms of tango since its beginnings in Buenos Aires, danced probably by the couples Juan Carlos Copes & Maria Nieves (Recuerdo), Nelson Avila & Nélida Rodriguez, Monica & Luciano, Pablo Verón & Carolina Iotti (La Cumparsita). Also Cecilia Narova (Milonguita), Norma & Luis Pereyra, Carlos Borquez & Inés, and Alejandro Aquino & Giselle Anne Zorzenon. The band Sexteto Mayor consisted of two bandoneons (one of which was played by the musical director José Libertella), two violins, piano (maybe Osvaldo Berlingieri) and double bass. There were four singers (Alba Solís, Jovita Luna, Elba Berón and Raúl Lavié). This was a terrific show which had already been going for some years; music, dancing and singing were great and everything had the flavour you associate with the genre – men dancing together, dark suits, the feeling of menace.
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