Wembley Stadium, London GB 


7 juillet 2007



Al Gore set up a Live Aid-style event to bring attention to the climate crisis, and it worked. I managed to secure a pair of tickets for my brother and myself. It was one of the first gigs at the newly-opened Wembley Stadium.

The musical selections were excellent, a wide variety of styles to suit all tastes. Like Live Aid, this gig was broadcast live on the BBC, Genesis got things off to a controversial start when singer Phil Collins swore on live TV, upsetting everybody and forcing an apology from the BBC's presenters.

What were the highlights for me? Well, Genesis, Chili Peppers, Spinal Tap doing 'Big Bottoms' with about eight bass players, Foo Fighters and Madonna. First of two consecutive days watching Genesis for me. x
ajouté par Stephen Butler

Concert ajouté par Stephen Butler
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