Electric Factory, Philadelphia US 


22 octobre 2009



Review: **** (4) out of 5

For those of you who didn?t know, I went to Bonnaroo in 2007. We got there late Thursday night and we planned on making it to Rodrigo Y Gabriela show that was taking place around 11 PM that night. Little did we know it would take us 3 hours to get into the venue, set up camp and get our shit together, so we ended up only hearing the slightest of sounds from our campsite. Luckily, R & G has a knack for going on tour and the made the trip to Philadelphia for a really cool and unique show. If you don?t know who R & G is, they are two extremely talented metal/classical guitarists from Mexico who play blazing fast guitar riffs while playing rhythms on their guitars by slapping them with their hands. At this show, at least, they also had a really awesome set of camera angles that showed them playing on the screen behind them, which really added a lot to the experience of the show. What made the show really cool was seeing how pumped the crowd was to hear them play. People really got into it with many-a-man declaring their love for the really cute Gabriela during long solos or at the end of songs (they would yell ?Mi amore, Chica or other Spanish terms of endearment). In terms of actually songs played, they rocked a solid Diablo Rojo (my favorite song) and kept teasing their popular version of Stairway to Heaven (they never really played it though). You didn?t need to know the songs though to appreciate how talented of a group they are and if you are a fan of Spanish-style guitar, classical, metal, ass-shaking rhythms or just good music in general pick up some of their music.

ajouté par Dean Tye

Concert ajouté par Dean Tye
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