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Damwon Gaming was first introduced to us at the 2018 Worlds. The majority of the teams had been talking about Damwon Gaming's junior Korean team in scrims , and how they would dominate all over the world at LCK next year. However, they didn't meet the expectations throughout the next year. Damwon Gaming received a boost in 2019, qualifying for Worlds, but their results were not the best after they were defeated by G2 Esports in the quarterfinals. They bought Ghost from Sandbox Gaming this year and their results were improving with each win. Damwon are only one step away from achieving the most prestigious honor of winning the "League of Legends" and to be part of the elite team to win the "Summoner's Cup" however, there are many fans wondering who the players are and where they come from? We'll take you down memory lane, telling the stories of each of the founding five members.

Top: Nuguri

A hard-working high school kid who was a lover of videogames is the way to describe Nuguri in the early days of his professional career however, as time passed, he began to focus on League of Legends far more than his studies. After taking part in an online cafe competition and being offered a position with IGS. He was a player throughout the year. Damwon Gaming saw him there and wanted Nuguri to join their team as their top laner. Nuguri not only brought his insane skill with them, but also his lively personality. One could not adequately describe the significance of this in a professional atmosphere. Nuguri quickly rose up the ranks in Korean SoloQ, and players were frightened of him for his exceptional laning and team fighting however, despite being among the top top laners in the world, Nuguri is still adamant that he has a lot to learn. His desire to win the Summoner's Cup has changed. He is more determined than before to become the top player in the world. Sneak a peek at this website to find out an article source about DAMWON-Gaming.

Jungler: Canyon

Canyon is the only player in the history of LCK to earn an award of a pentakill. However, his journey to get to this spot is not without some tough moments. Canyon began his journey with Damwon Gaming late 2018, and was an integral part of the scrims Kings' era. However, Canyon played among the most renowned junglers worldwide at the age of 17. It was certainly thrilling for him to win against these guys. Canyon did the same thing in the year 2019, however, eventually others began to adopt his tactics and it affected Damwon Gaming's performance.

Canyon Damwon as well as Damwon have been working hard all year and finally got to the promised land. Their ultimate glory was the revenge they took on G2 Esports on Wednesday, in the semi-finals. Canyon has defeated every jungler that he lost last year, and Suning Gaming is the only thing stopping him from taking home the Summoner's Cup.

Mid-Made Showmaker

Showmaker could be the most athletic player in the team, and it is evident in his interviews. Showmaker answered the question of how vital his role was in the team's success. He replied, "I feel like I become overwhelmed regardless of whether I win or lose. Showmaker admitted that it's difficult for young players of 20 to carry the hopes and screams of thousands of supporters every week. Showmaker is respected by all of the team members and often refer to him as the loudest player. However, Showmaker has frequently spoken about his doubts regarding himself.

Showmaker declared during an interview it was his top tournament but a few hours later he stated that he believes that it is the worst. G2 Esports were the focus of Showmaker's thoughts throughout the year. He has always talked about his desire to retaliate on the team that lost last year. We could see how happy that he was after their victory last weekend. He kept emotes in his e-mails and even stole G2 Esports' post-game celebration just to show them that he will not allow any disrespect to his region and team members for a long time. This week, we'll see a new Showmaker who is a lot more confident and comfortable with what happened in the past because his focus is to the future.

Beryl Support

Damwon Gaming's primary shot-caller is Beryl. The guy has played in Damwon Gaming the longest and is the longest-running player in the group. Beryl was an ADC however, Nuclear was a member of Damwon Gaming in H2K and He was willing to play alongside Hoit as an assistant player. Beryl was a student about his team and playing. But Coach Kim was not flexible with his choices and Beryl never had the chance to prove his skills as a top-notch support player. This year under Coach Zefa, Beryl finally got that opportunity and revealed his hidden potential throughout the year. You can find out more about them at on DAMWON Gaming: Who Are They.

Damwon Gaming players joke that Baryl is not only the back-up, as well as a great player, jungler, and ADC for their team. This is due to the extent to which he travels the map and helps his teammates in every corner. Beryl can be described as the veteran who plays an older brother to the newcomers. He reminds me a lot of CoreJJ from 2017 Samsung Galaxy, which won Worlds. Beryl is sure to get in the face of Suning Gaming this week and insist that they bring their best to compete against his team since he is there to defend them!