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22 mai 2008



Nerd Alert!

Maystar was weird, it was 1 dude with a keyboard, sometimes a guitar and a neurotic girl with Robert Smith-like hair (circa 1985), only red. She came out with pink ballet shoes and an umbrella. She sang like a shy 5 year-old at a beauty pageant right after her mother pushed her onto stage, every once in a while dancing on point as she was told to do.
She seemed like a very nice girl, just a little weird.

After Maystar schlepped their equipment off stage, some miniature roadies began hauling keyboards and rolling a drum set on stage. Not only were they young, they were female. It turns out this was the band Smoosh.

The all girl band had true talent with the lead playing keyboards and singing, the drummer was there to kick ass and take names, and the smallest played bass. They took themselves very seriously, and blew the unsuspecting crowd away. I was personally very impressed and wish the kids of today could grab onto some real music like this instead of the manufactured Disney garbage of the Jonas Brothers and others of that ilk.

Dresden Dolls came out in some sort of military regalia and opened with a Pink Floyd, "In the Flesh" cover. It was a cliché opening to a show since the first lyrics are "So ya... thought ya... might like to... go to the show." They did the song justice, and didn't stray too much from the original, I want to complain, but they played it rather well.

If don't know who or what Dresden Dolls are... remember those kids in school that were in band and possibly drama class and had an air of arrogance about them because they had some groupies that wanted to be just like them? These are the 2 that actually made it big. Nothing else about them has changed since.

I say, good for them, I enjoyed every song, and was only annoyed a few when the groupies got uppity.

For their encore, they played Black Sabbath's "Warpigs." Once again, I wanted to be upset, but they played it very well, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

One song I wanted them to play they didn't play is called "Dirty Business" the first lyric is "Raise your glass, we are incorporated", if you haven't heard it, find it!
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