The Forum, Kentish Town, Camden Town GB 


June 24, 2001



Here is a great review of the gig from Drownedinsound:

Written by Raziq Rauf

A band recently selling out arenas twice over all over the UK is playing The Forum. The show was announced mere days prior to the event and so the vast majority of the tickets were sold out to true fans who had heard through word of mouth very, very quickly. The audience would not be diluted by fans of the support act or other headline act - it was to be 100% Deftones. Surely this was to be the gig of the summer.

Deftones were to play a mini-festival on this day and so the support was rumoured to be the also-let-down-by-Limp-Bizkit, Godsmack but instead we were presented with LostProphets. The Welsh nu-metallers played it hard and fast for the entire half hour plus some to severely warm the crowd up, ready for the eventual heroes of the night. Their set comprising mainly of cuts from the debut album The Fake Sound Of Progress entertained the crowd as did the various rock shapes thrown by that crazy guitarist. Dive bombing by the DJ/vocalist into the crowd was admirable but was to be dwarfed by the Deftones later antics.

The headliners arrived to a rapture and there was no sign of an easy entry into the set as 'Headup' set the gig and crowd alive. A mixture of all three albums, with maybe slightly fewer cuts from the most recent White Pony, was to follow. The formidable stage chemistry between Chino Moreno and Chi Cheng was displayed frequently between tunes and later Chino was to perform more exercise than he's clearly done for a fair few months. Where did all those pies go?

An hour into the show and Moreno scaled the railings onto the stairs where he continued to give Security a heart attack while performing a couple more songs making it bloody hard to watch the entire band at the same time. The charismatic frontman had clearly gone slightly barmy as he proceeded to model - and later give away as a prize - some white cotton panties designed for ladies! His own underwear, resembling big, white granny pants were also on display frequently. As was his arse. Somebody buy the man a new belt for crying out loud!

Deftones are now tight enough to be able to just stop playing a song in the middle and then just burst back in at exactly the same place, demonstrated in '7 Words', 'Be Quiet & Drive' and 'Bored'. It is a brilliant showpiece, especially for the crowd who never forgot their place in a song and may have been slightly annoyed if they had been deprived of the rest of their favourite song.

The Forum was packed out. Security was seriously stressing. LostProphets played a blinder. Chino needs to re-measure his waist. Deftones were impeccable. All who missed this gig may well feel sad because it may well have been the best of your life
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