Frankenstadion, Nürnberg DE 


June 11, 2000



set: MFC, Habit, Corduroy, Breakerfall, God's Dice, Animal, Nothing As It Seems, Dissident, Even Flow, Given To Fly, Wishlist, Alive, Off He Goes, Leatherman, Better Man, Once, Lukin, Insignificance, Improv/New Song, Rearviewmirror
enc: Black, Spin The Black Circle, Do The Evolution, Light Years, Elderly Woman, Leaving Here, Yellow Ledbetter
notes: Prior to PJ taking the stage, Liam Gallagher dedicates 'Wonderwall' to "my Pearl Jam friends," most likely referring to hostile PJ fans in the front row. 'MFC' is a surprise opener, the first rocking opener of the tour, and is followed by 'Habit,' which again features no "Speakin as..." line. During 'NAIS' Ed comments "It's beautiful," referring to his view of the crowd. Ed flubs the 'Even Flow' lyrics, but it doesn't matter, the whole band is totally into it, Jeff bouncing all over the stage circa 1992, and Mike's solo is absolutely AMAZING and extended once again. At the end of 'Wishlist,' Ed steps to the mic to add a tag, but instead just plays the chords with his eyes closed, totally into it, and then says "danke." After 'Alive' Ed tells how he remembers "playing it perfectly at a small club in Hamburg on Jeff Ament's birthday, March 12, 1992... Also the last time I took a shower." :) He then goes on to ask for the rain or the moon before starting 'Off He Goes.' Matt Cameron absolutely rules 'Leatherman,' with Stone singing along again. Afterwards, Ed says, "Played that one tonight cause it was written by a German. Uh, about a German... by a Dutchman. This one's about a young Republican," leading into 'Better Man,' which has Ed doing several Townshend windmills. Mike does the behind the head solo during 'Once,' and Ed is completely barking the words to 'Lukin.' Ed points out that the moon has broken through the clouds prior to 'Insignificance,' and then on the "full moon is their skin" line, he stares directly at it, and the song just rocks, a PERFECT version. The improv or new song prior to 'RVM' is a beautiful slow song, with lyrics about kissing a girl on the moon. (If anyone definitively knows what this song is, please let us know. We have the sound file.) After an on fire 'RVM', Mike fakes throwing his flying V out into the crowd. The 'Black' solo is shortened but still beautiful, and 'Spin the Black Circle' is a nice surprise. For the second night in a row, Ed alters the 'DTE' lyrics to "I am the first man to shit my pants." :) 'Light Years' is just beautiful, definitely one of the best versions ever. 'Leaving Here' makes it first appearance of the tour after several soundchecks, introducing it by saying "this song is dedicated to all those German women soccer players." No one in the band knows who is supposed to solo first, but they just laugh it off, and the rest of the song is right on the money. 'YL' closes again, Ed changing the lyrics to "I'd like to stay" and "I'm so glad you stayed." A very intense and focused performance, much more than some fans expected from a festival, with a very happy and peaceful crowd.

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