Cabot Hall, Poplar GB 


March 22, 2006



Part of Heather's Intimate Evening Tour, this gig was a real change from the normal live show. The show was a purely acoustic affair, with Heather playing guitar, accompanied by a pianist and violinist.
It was an opportunity for Heather to play some rarely performed material as well as some live favourites and in this venue, it worked perfectly. The auditorium was set out like you'd find in a jazz club with 20 or so round tables in front of the stage, which would seat 8 people. Around the sides and at the back, there was standing room.
I was fortunate to be near the front of the queue, so was able to get a seat on a table perhaps 10 feet from the stage and had a perfect view for what was an excellent gig.
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Concert added by Mark Pulleyn
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