The Studio, Bristol GB 


May 10, 1988



The Primitives 'Crashed' onto the music scene in the late 80's, bringing with them, buzzing guitars, singalong choruses and 3 minute pop songs.
No sooner had they arrived, than they were seemingly gone again, 2 or 3 albums later, but leaving behind happy memories of a fun gig and some enjoyable music.
The Studio was heaving and I can remember being swept around the auditorium by a mass of jumping bodies. You couldn't stand still unless you stood right at the back, anywhere else and you were swept around in a big circle. One of my mates left after the gig, minus his shoes....they'd been pulled off his feet by the tide :-D

Goodbye Mr MacKenzie provided the support and were alright. Most notable though, was the presence of Shirley Manson on backing vocals and keyboards, who later went on to front Garbage.
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