polaris amphitheatre, Columbus US 


July 23, 1999



First Phish Show Ever. Crazy thunderstorm during encore. Torrential downpoar and lightening.

Set I: Ya Mar, NICU, Back at the Chicken Shack, Punch You in the Eye, Fast Enough For You, Back On The Train, David Bowie, Strange Design, Possum

Set II: Ghost> Free, Birds of a Feather> Meatstick, Fire
Encore: Bouncing Around the Room, Rocky Top
added by Mike Labriola
Yes the Thunderstorming Encore. That damn rain hung around all night (Ahia, June what'd ya expect). Actually the storms were refreshing and the PhishyHeads (self included) danced jubilantly. Acoustically not as good as say the DeerCreek Shows. Polaris (later Germain, now empty) always had 1 BIG BIG BIG issue. While it's the same model as DeerCreek, unlike DC it was built TOO close to suburbia and the concerts just disrupted the peace. These poor people couldn't be outdoors on SOME summer nights to see (and take some sick solace in) how much their house looked just like the one 3 doors down.
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