Soldiers Field, Chicago US 


July 9, 1995



dead played here 7/21/94 what a fricken tour that summer was......left vt with 100 bucks by time I got to ct spent all my cash on heroin bummed up nuff cash in e rutherford to start hustling, by time I got to rfk in dc had 1000 jesus christ superstar, off to deer creek n lolapalooza, off to soldier field......lost all my money after drinkin molson xxx, eatin acids, n2o and smokin opium like I was on ho chi man fricken trail, I lost my gave hottest girl I could find a ticket and remember the fireworks from this show, bout it lol. my ride n I got seperated I hitch hiked from chicago back to vt best days of my life

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This was the Deads Last show before Garcia Died. I was lucky enough to be there !! There are far to many Dead shows I attended ( over 120 ) to list before this .
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