Wembley Arena, London GB 


September 9, 2004



I was pretty slow getting in to the whole Rush thing but here I was, a huge convert to all things Rush. This 30th anniversary tour was also the vehicle to promote 'Feedback', their covers album. Fair enough, but I really wasn't there to see them play 'Summertime Blues!' Fortunately, they only played three tracks from 'Feedback' and the rest was an object lesson in how only three guys can create a sound that's so powerful and rich, that you kinda suspect that another three guys must be backing them up! It was worth going just to see Neil Peart in action. The greatest drummer ever, period! Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson are craftsmen of the top order! The songs 'Tom Sawyer', 'Spirit of Radio' and '2112' should be on all rock fans lists of things to see live before they die!
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