Wembley Arena, London GB 


November 13, 2004



Although I'm a huge fan of the Purps and rarely miss an opportunity to see them, the main reason I laid out my hard earned on this occasion was to see Peter Frampton! I mean , everyone loves 'Frampton Comes Alive', right? He came on after a great set by the (I know I've said this before) criminally underrated Thunder, whom were fantastic, and showed why he is so highly thought of in guitar playing circles. Plainly speaking, Frampton is a magician who casts spells that allow him to convert music to words because his guitar literally speaks to you. A great set ensued with the new mixed in with the old including plenty from 'FCA'. Then came Deep Purple! An excellent set with Gillan, still showing no signs of difficulty with the high notes despite his advancing years. Special mention for Ian Paice, still one of the best drummers out there!
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