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February 27, 2000



I have loved LoA ever since I heard "Crablouse" from their 'Voodoo-U' [LP]. I still remember buying that cassette at the mall based strictly on the cover, and then being blown away by the music when I got home. Years later, I finally got my chance to see them in concert! Unfortunately, Jade4U [AKA Darling Nikki] had just left the band and there was a new singer. LoA had just put out the 'Farstucker' [LP] ... it was more electro-thrash than techno, and it was pretty good. The show was cool, and Praga Khan did his solo thing before LoA played. I got some of his cds at the show. My best friend Erick went to the show with me and we had a lot of fun.
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