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April 21, 2000



Ah, the "Eyeball Room" ... R.I.P. This was a warehouse/club that was previously a grocery store off Fondren and S. Main in southwest Houston by the Beltway. It was a great place to attend concerts and raves back in the day. On this night, I went to see a band who had just put out their first album. There were nine members of the band and they all dressed up in prison uniforms. They also wore disfigured masks which made them look like escaped convicts who belonged in the psyche ward. The music was brutal and exciting. The whole place turned into a wall-to-wall mosh pit. At one point in the show, one of the singers asked the "maggots" to all get on their knees. I stepped over many of them to grab a spot near the stage where I held on for dear life as the audience sprang back to life. It was awesome. I loved it.

1. 742617000027
2. (sic)
3. Eyeless
4. Wait and Bleed
5. No Life
6. Purity
7. Prosthetics
8. Spit It Out
9. Get This
10. Surfacing
11. Scissors
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