Astoria, London GB 


November 27, 2008



AC/DC have spawned a love child and it's name is Airbourne! Planet Rock played a song called Runnin' Wild which it turned out was the title track of Airbourne's debut album and I remember being bemused! It sounded like Acka Dacka, the singer sounded (a bit) like Bon Scott and I didn't recognise what I thought was maybe an early track! Well, it turns out these soundalikes are from Oz too! I was so impressed with this fast furious anthem that I went out and got the Album straight away. The AC/DC formula was strictly adhered to all the way through but make no mistake, each track is unique and impressive even if the influence is obvious! As a live act, they don't come much louder, full of spit, spunk and fury, they are a fine sight to behold! My one criticism?, lead singer Joel O'Keefe is a bit of a cock! I found his insistence of shouting to the audience instead of talking as if still singing a song embarrassing after a while. Especially when he was churning out Rock and Roll slogans in such a relentless way that they sounded cliche' rather than cool! And he also kept running to get his bottle of JD or whatever and holding it up to the crowd like, "look at me, I'm a rock star and I drink too!" Maybe I am just being picky but it really was off putting! Still, It's about the music and most would have to be mightily impressed with AC/DC lite, though I felt at the time, whether they'd ever be the global phenomenon of their main influence was by no means a formality!
This concert was notable for being the last ever show at the Astoria, one of Londons truly great venues. Much loved and never to be forgotten!
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