O2 Brixton Academy, London Borough of Lambeth GB 


March 26, 2014



Take a generous amount of Motley Crüe, add some Bon Jovi and sprinkle liberally with Tenacious D's sense of humour and what you get is Steel Panther!
Some would have you believe that they are a spoof band but I say "Nay and thrice nay, sir!" Steel Panthers lyrics may appear to some as chauvinistic or even misogynistic, but they are very funny and let's face it, they just reflect how most fellas tend to think but wouldn't dare to admit in front of.....well, anyone really!
It is also undeniable that the Panthers can really play too and can be just as heavy as anyone you care to mention from the classic rock or traditional Heavy Metal genre! Vocalist Michael Starr has a great rock voice and could certainly give Bruce Dickinson a run for his money cos the boy can seriously wail. Lead guitarist Satchel is exceptionally good at his craft and wouldn't be out of place in any band. Bass player Lexi Foxx was as usual, heavily made up and sporting a pout that Victoria Beckham could only aspire to. His sexual ambiguity is part of the act (I think) because he seems to be just as obsessed with vaginas as the rest (I think!) Then there's drummer Stix Zadinia (I know!), who's obviously very capable. How good he is, is something I can only guess at as although he did a small solo, it was pretty standard stuff but nothing I heard would have me complaining! One thing has to be said. I have been to many gigs including most of the finest acts in rock history but I've rarely been in a crowd as up for it as the Steel Panther fans. The atmosphere was electric.
Highlights of the evening? The 30 or so girls getting on stage to get their tits out for the lads during "Gold Digging Whore", the singalong during "Community Property" and the general banter between Michael Starr and Satchel.
Definitely one of the most fun gigs ever!
The support group, "The Cringe" were frankly, underwhelming!
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