Hammersmith Apollo, London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham GB 


April 1, 2010



After their impressive showing at The Astoria in 2008, I decided the Airbourne boys were well worth another look. They were airing their new album, No Guts, No Glory!, a follow up to the superb debut album, Runnin' Wild'. NGNG, like it's predecessor is more AC/DC inspired Rock'n Roll. A slightly less impressive offering than Runnin' Wild but certainly worth a listen. Unfortunately, Joel O' Keefe is still being the same dick who shouts for the sake of shouting and is annoying enough to put me offf of paying to see them again but maybe that's just me!
One thing is certain, these boys are building up a very healthy following, they are tight and as for loud, there's not many that can assault your eardrums like Airbourne.
Support came from the Black Spiders, an impressive group who surf the line between heavy metal and thrash nicely and are in my opinion going to be around for a long time with cult status but without ever really becoming headliners.
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