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June 28, 2014



This festival as you'd hope, contained a stellar line up but also had a couple of strange additions. The opening act was a group of American teenagers, '3 Dudes', who looked like they were around 15 years old and would be more suited to opening the Battle Of The Bands at their local High school. They were quite good but were, with the exception of two songs, basically playing all covers. As I was saying, they were good but if I wanted to see a covers band, I'd go down the pub.
Then came Radkey. Like, 3 Dudes this was another three piece band. Black kids playing thrash metal which has never particularly been my thing. This fact aside, I think I know what is good but I thought they were shit Maybe I'm the wrong person to comment though!
Next came Heaven's Basement, who've impressed me greatly with recent hits like 'I Am Electric' and 'Heartbreaking Son Of A Bitch'.
They performed manfully, keeping up the spirit of the audience whom by now were mostly drenched by the constant downpour which had dogged the entire day so far. None of their aforementioned songs were played but they did give a rousing version of their breakthrough song, 'Fire, Fire'. A good set, but I was left thinking that they're for me, a way off being a Festival headliner.
During a walk to get food, I stumbled across the Pepsi Max stage where Former World Superbike champion, James Toseland was just closing up with his band, Toseland's recent hit 'Crash Landing.' They sounded good, I would have liked to hear more! Unfortunately, I missed both the sets by Walking Papers and Tax The Heat Shame, as they both from their releases sound worth seeing.
Back to the main stage where Thunder were really smashing it. I've said it before , But Thunder really are one of the most under rated bands in the world! They open with "Dirty Love' and the classics kept coming. Great show!
Then came the legend, Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi fame. He opened with Bon Jovi's 'Lay Your Hands On Me' which got everybody rocking out. This was followed by mainly his own solo stuff which I'm not familiar with but for me, seemed to have much more of an edge than Bon Jovi's recent offerings! Another tip of the hat to former associations with 'Wanted:Dead Or Alive' being sung in unison with the appreciative crowd.
A special shout to Orianthi, whom normally plays lead guitar for Alice Cooper a beautiful, petite little blonde, who rocks with sunglasses and a poker face and boy, can she play!
So to Joe Bonamassa. I've kinda run out of superlatives for his talent but not for his methods. First thing I saw as Joe was waiting at stage left, is the now familiar sight of a cameraman which straight away had me thinking 'Another DVD, Joe?' So I guess the new superlative would be "Sell-out" because with Joe, It's all about the money now! That said, it was typically professional stuff from Joe who as always was brilliant!
Finally the Headliner, Aerosmith. In my opinion, this is the best live act in the world, even better than the Stones. Steven Tyler, is as good a frontman as Jagger, but although there's the thickness of a cigarette papers distance between them, I'd marginally give the best front man award to Jagger.
They wowed the crowd by playing a huge selection of their extensive back catalogue with classics like 'Dream On', 'Eat The Rich' and Love In An Elevator'. Tyler was in majestic form alongside his Toxic Twin, Joe Perry and the rest of the band.
A couple of negatives were 'I Don't Want To Miss A Thing', a great song but not for a rock festival for god's sake! Also 'Walk This Way" which I've hated ever since I heard the bands collaboration with Run DMC! But hey, you can't please everyone!
My favourite live act is still AC/DC but I'll say again, Aerosmith, the best live act I've ever seen!
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