American Airlines Center Dallas, US 


October 29, 2005



Awesome show with the music and digital curtain. When Bono sang "With Or Without You" it sounded half-assed. Some drunk girl hugged my friend. A drunk behind us kept slurring "He's doing Pavarotti's part" and kept spilling his beer on my shoulder. A homeless guy told my friend and I before the show "I hope you two enjoy U2". After the show I yelled and yelled for our taxi driver "Babu" who brought us there (I think a drunk, rich couple stole him from us). The taxi driver we did get was a psycho who drove like 50 mph over the limit and drove in between lanes of vehicles on the highway.My friend and I thought we were going to die. When we made it back to the hotel (THANK GOD!!) I jumped out of the van and immediately began to kiss the cement ground. All in all this show experience was an adventure. I can't wait to see U2 again with my friend!!
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