nokia live, Dallas US 


March 17, 2005



This was their second reunion tour, first since the dirt came out. My ticket came in the mail and said row J seat 9 so thats basically 10th row. I drove up that day, it was on a thursday, and it was packed! I drove to the gas station around the corner from the venue and there were teenagers in black makeup and rock tee shirts, 2 hummer limos and loud music. I thought there must be another concert around here. I was suprised it was the same concert I was going to.

I went looking for my seat and they had those people that help you find them. So I keep walking up and up and finally I am seated about 3rd row. They had taken the first 7 rows and stuffed them in the orchestra pit, gen admission. I was 6 feet in front of Nikki Sixx. I remeber he was wearing that red shirt and the security guard was standing directly in font of nikki, facing the crowd. The couple I was sitting next to came all the way from houston as well and the wife went to cypress creek also. She told me she was a huge crue fan in school, but that her parents wouldnt let her go to concerts.
Great show. One of the best I had seen.
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