Town & Country Club, London GB 


April 21, 1990



Big Daddy Kinsey vocal/guitar fronted his largely family band consisting of Lester Davenport harmonica, Donald Kinsey guitar, Kenneth Kinsey bass guitar and Ralph Kinsey drums. Ron Prince guitar may also have been there. Davenport isn’t completely certain; Big Daddy Kinsey did also play harmonica. Then came the blues guitar star Albert Collins, one of a generation who established the guitar as a frontline instrument in the blues, ie not just accompaniment and the odd chorus or two but long, often self-indulgent, soloing. He played his hits. It was ok, he can be inventive and even subtle and others are far worse. The Icebreakers included Debbie Davies guitar and possibly A C Reed tenor sax. They were joined by Gary Moore guitar (awful) and Larry McCray vocal/guitar. The gig was reviewed in Juke Blues 20, Summer 1990.
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