Red Creek, Rochester US 


August 11, 1986



According to a limited edition LP of this gig put out on Sagittarius A-Star 03, the musicians were: Sun Ra piano/synthesizer/voice, Eloe Omoe alto sax/bass clarinet, Pat Patrick alto sax/electric bass, Marshall Allen alto sax/flute/percussion, Buster Smith drums, Tommy 'Bugs' Hunter drums, Marvin 'Boogaloo' Smith drums/ percussion, Bruce Edwards guitar, James Jacson percussion/drums, Ronald Wilson tenor sax, John Gilmore tenor sax/clarinet, Tyrone Hill trombone, Billy Bang violin/percussion, June Tyson voice. The band is labelled Sun Ra and His Ethnic Structural Cosmo Arkestra and that may be how it was billed at the gig. This was a tremendous gig - great music, theatricality, committed repertoire. One of the best. It was reviewed by Tom Hampson in the local City Newspaper, 28 August 1986.
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