Jazz Cafe, Camden, London GB 


June 22, 2017



Ayetoro played afrobeat. The leader is Funsho Ogundipe keyboards/vocal. Other musicians: alto sax, harmonica (!), bass guitar, drums, percussion, vocal. Despite some nice melodies from the leader, some good sax solos and an impressive percussionist, generally this funk-type music was rather monotonous. The Arkestra were possibly exactly the same in personnel as a few months ago, with the addition of an electric cellist. Certainly these were present: Marshall Allen alto sax/mellotron/some kind of electronic whistle, Knoel Scott tenor sax (not alto like last time), Danny Ray Thompson baritone sax/flute, Dave Davis trombone, George Burton piano, Tara Middleton vocal. The others were: trumpet, tenor sax/bass clarinet, guitar, double bass, drums, percussion. Most of the band also did some singing and added percussion. Another tremendous gig by the Arkestra – quality playing, relaxed musicianship, enjoyment. And it was good to speak briefly to Marshall Allen and Knoel Scott afterwards.
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