Belly Up Tavern, Solana Beach US 


June 14, 2005



Opened with I Am Electro.

Songs I rememeber them playing (not in order):
She's Unreal
Helter Skelter
Prime Audio Soup
No Purpose, No Design (I think)
God O.D.
Radio Babylon
Nuclear Bomb ("Selectah!")

Everthing was dancable, they didn't tap into any of their ambient soundscape stuff.

Most of the samples were accompanied with the video footage from which they originated.

None of he drums were programmed, all played, amazing.

After the encore they left the stage, and one guy had to come back and stop a little turntable thing from playing "Hello Friends" from that Jack Dangers solo album. I think if we would have stuck around they would have played another encore, but everyone split.

I don't remember what song they were playing at the time, but they were showing the banjo playing redneck from Deliverance over and over, then they dropped in some video of our fearless leader. One can see the similarities without struggle.
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