Somerset County Cricket Ground, Taunton GB 


June 3, 2012



There was a support act, two cellists from the Czech Republic, I think, and they were OK, and Elton John played a great set; the problems I had here were nothing to do with the music. The wheelchair section was in the middle of the park, with a great view, but it seems nobody thought it would rain, which it did, directly onto the wheelchair section, which had NO ROOF ON IT. Completely exposed to the elements, I and my wheelchair-bound comrades got SOAKED. As did all the carers, too. Therefore we had to get out of there and go inside and view through a window. It was hopeless; we could hardly see, and the sound... we might as well have been listening from across the motorway. We left early to avoid the rush of very wet, very frustrated people.

Elton John seems not to give a shit about those with disabilities; at a concert in Gloucester, much nearer to where I live and a concert to which I wanted to go a few years later (but didn't), many of those with disabilities could not see because the audience were standing right in front of them. This made worldwide news, and was discussed on US talk shows such as "The View." Fuck you, Elton. x
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