Electric Factory, Philadelphia US 


October 12, 2009



Review: **** (4) out of 5

Having seen John Paul Jones (Bassist, Led Zeppelin) at Bonnaroo a couple years ago, I was more than ecstatic when I heard he was teaming up with Dave Grohl (Drummer, Nirvana/Guitarist, Foo Fighters) and Josh Homme (Singer, Guitarist, Queens of the Stone Age). As well, I was more than down to pay extra for a sold out show through StubHub. Bring along Alain Johannes (Guitarist, Queens of the Stone Age) as well, this turned into my first real ROCK concert and when I say Rock I mean my ears are still ringing from the show. I would say that together the band sounded more like the Queens of the Stone Age than Nirvana, Foo Fighters or Led Zeppelin, but Them Crooked Vultures was definitely more of its own unique sound than anything else. Dave Grohl?s high energy drumming was only occasionally stopped so that he could look into the crowd and flash his ridiculously pearly white teeth through his long, tangled mane of hair. John Paul Jones, to steal my friend Utay?s description, was bopping and moving around like a snake on stage using a variety of multi-stringed basses, a slide bass (I think) with a LCD screen in it and even rocked out on some keys as well. Josh Homme is a better guitarist than I gave him credit for and shredded fairly hard while singing, which isn?t the easiest thing to do. Since the band?s album hasn?t come out yet, all the material they played was original and most everyone there had never heard it. Homme at one point called the show a ?social experiment? since it?s tough to ?rock out? to a band if you don?t know any of their material beforehand, but I would deem the experiment a success in the end. I can?t really review any of the songs since I forgot which ones were which (the problem with not knowing anything beforehand), but the setlist is below. If nothing else than to see an amazing supergroup of talented musicians, I recommend seeing these guys if they are coming to you, but make sure to bring earplugs because I can still hear Dave Grohl?s crash symbol in my head.


2.Dead End Friends
3.Scumbag Blues
5.Highway One
6.New Fang
10.Interlude w/ Ludes
12.Mind Eraser (No Chaser)
13.Nobody Loves Me (And Neither Do I)
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