Chula Vista Amphitheatre (Coors), Chula Vista US 


September 23, 2007



The venue is way out there, but it's quite a serene spot, with rolling hills every direction you look.

It was my first show ever at this venue, which at the time was called Coors Amphitheatre, which is weird because beers were $8, you'd think they get it for cheaper, bastards. It's a good thing I out-smarted them and filled a 20oz water bottle with Bacardi Light Rum and only paid $4 for Cokes... wait a minute, I think I still got screwed.


In April of '08 they changed the name to Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre, I wonder if you can get inflated cell phone plans there now.

On to the Music...

The Editors got me here.
After being introduced to them at Street Scene '06, I had to come back.
I think they were the first band to play on the main stage. I was chatting with some people before we were let into the concert area and they were talking about how weird it was for Editors to be playing so early because they are HUGE in Europe and should be headlining. I had to agree.

They put on a great show they played everything I wanted to hear, but now I think my girl now wants to leave me for Tom.

We had to drop by to see Too Short at one of the side stages. Just what one would expect.

The electronica tent line-up looked promising. While we were waiting for VNV Nation to come on, Z-Trip was spinning some pretty cool stuff, he would play only the good bit from many songs from many genres, I think I remember him playing Sabotage and some Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, I can't really explain it, you would have to heard it, check YouTube.

VNV Nation, they had a cool setup on the stage with the main dude in the middle with a couple of guys on each side like rooks armed with their iMacs on equally over-designed pedestals. Whatever, not for me.

[left early to go see Arctic Monkey quickly, not impressed, then back to the electronica tent]

I was really looking forward to Infected Mushroom. I was a little disappointed. Usually their music is very Goa/Trancy without a lot of singing. We didn't get a lot of that, it was mostly a crazy Israeli waving a drumstick at us while he sung. They must have been playing stuff from the new album, which I know nothing about. They Didn't play "The Shen" which I believe to be the epitome of Infected Mushroom music.

Left Infected Musroom early to see Social Distortion play "Ball and Chain" which is just like seeing the whole Social Distortion show. Mike had on some heavy eye-liner, which I thought was weird because nobody that I know that worships SD would dare wear that sort of thing (in public).

The Killers should close the show, they played all the hits, I liked it, I like them, I don't care that they use vocoders, shutup!

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