House of Blues, San Diego US 


April 7, 2008



Hemlock was good, lead guy was cool and connected with the crowd, I didn't know any of their songs but they entertained me.

Between Hemlock and Meshuggah, I overheard some guy saying that Meshuggah is "so awesome and they do things differently than anyone else in the metal scene."
I asked him "how's that?"
He seemed at a loss for words and came up with "you'll see."

As I guessed from that minor conversation, Meshuggah is very similar to most everything else out there in the metal scene. Hemlock has charisma, Meshuggah contained nothing for me.

I have seen Ministry many, many times, and they seem to get better with age. High energy. They played mostly stuff from within the past 10 years, took them a while to crawl back to their oldies.

Didn't play "Jesus Built My Hotrod" but who cares.

Before the show, h8fulGOD said he "NEEDED this pit." We didn't find him until after the show, he said he sustained damages from a guy in the pit in a wheelchair.

I saw the Hemlock guy walking around after the show and told him I thought he was better than Meshuggah. He told me that he has been hearing that a lot, he was very humble about it, not arrogant. I told him how lucky he was to be travelling with Ministry, the exposure he will get. He proceeded to tell me that not only was he touring with them, that he had spaghetti dinner at Al's in Texas. Now that would be something :)

I would say "if Ministry comes to your town, go and see them," but this tour was touted as their last tour... we'll see.
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