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April 13, 2008



Wow, I've lived in San Diego county for over 4 years now and I think I've only been to Mission Beach 3 times... this trip reminds me why.


Sure Parking is free, but do you really want to leave you car there? It's not what anyone would imagine a beautiful SoCal beach to be, it's more like what a beach would be like in Oakland, or a beach side community in that neighborhood Denzel drops the dude off at in Training Day.

When we arrived, it was about 20 minutes before sunset, the cops were already there kicking people off the beach.

We ran the gauntlet to the club, went upstairs and grabbed a table for 4 on the top deck, ordered our beers and (Redhook IPA for me) and watched the sun set... no green flash, but beautiful nontheless.

After dinner (Southwest Chicken Pasta), Anusheh and I re-ran the gauntlet to drop something off at the car while the others stayed at the door. We saw about 25-30 people gathered around a' la Outsiders just before the Greasers and The Socs rumbled. We hurried up dropped off the stuff and headed back to the show only to find that they made friends with "dude."

Dude was lit up, and he felt way to comfortable standing outside the venue saying what he was saying, it was time to head in.

Even though we pre-bought 4 tix before the show, Farrah was on the Canes email list and responded quickly enough to a contest email to win a pair of free tix to the show. Jamie still owes me $30 for his pair... fucker. 2 free concerts so far for him!


I think we were the first people in the club. We ordered our beers and wandered a bit until we found the empty mafia booth in the back of the club, occupied it, and watched the riff-raff file in.

The stage was basically 2 projection screens at the very front of the stage, no room for theatrics... to the right was a drum set and a pc console, there was at least 1 console to the left of the screens.

We watched an afro-ed white guy move across the front of the stage and around to the back. The left projection screen lit up showing the silhouette of an afro-ed white guy, and the right screen light up with some sort of control console with a bunch of knobs and sliders. We proceded to watch his silhouette jiggle on the left while his hand fondled knobs on the right screen.

Afro-ed white guy proceded to almost impress us several times with his sounds, but there was no structure to the music, it was more of a random soundscape thing, definitely not something to dance to, but that didn't stop Dancing IT Dude...

Dancing IT Dude FELT that randomness. Long hair, long goatee, Teva's with the strap on the back so they don't fall off. He was definitly the highlight of the first act. I'm not putting him down at all, he had a great time, no matter what. I would probably hang out with him on a regular basis.

Between acts, my butt got sweaty sitting in the vinyl mafia booth so we moved to the chairs.

About 3 beers in, Jack et. al. showed up on stage. I think they opened with "Children of Earth" off the new album which seemed to hold some memorable video clips from the last time I so them, specifically a mushroom cloud clip that was played over and over. It began the game of guessing what movie the clips were from.

I think it was "Helter Skelter" that started off with a dude and his brain blowing up. The boys loved it, the girls hated it. Too much blood, not enough flesh to be real brain... c'mon!

I have listened to "Helter Skelter" many, many times and I never realized that the scream just before "it's in my brain now" was Malcom McDowell from Clockwork Orange.


Jack Dangers is a multi-media artist, it seems that his samples are not only audio, but there were video counterparts to many audio samples I have listened to for years. Also I the video was directly tied to the audio scratching that was happening later in the show.

I think I was a little too tired and the show seemed to run a little long, but I enjoyed it thoroughly, he played my favorite: "Nuclear Bomb" (Selectah!), which DID show the same clips that they showed in the first track.

I don't think he played anything from At the Center :(

Memory Bullets:

- Dancing IT Dude did not stop dancing for any reason.

- Some guy fell down drunk, he got kicked out but his date stayed and didn't seem to care too much.

- I bought the new CD, Autoimmune, at the show because it was cheaper than buying it on the website (no shipping).

- Dude from outside was hanging with our drunken neighbor and kept trying to engage us, but we all agreed not to make eye contact.

- During the Meat Beat Manifesto show, we caught a glimpse of Afro-ed white guy buying his own beer which reminded me of The Blues Brothers:

Jake: Uh, Bob, about the money for tonight.
Bob: Oh, yeah, $200, and you boys drank $300 worth of beer.
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