San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego US 


June 17, 2008



Ladies and gentlemen.... Mr. Elton John

Just kidding, Elton didn't show up to this one. George didn't even sing "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me." Though he did do an interesting rendition of The Police's "Roxanne."

$20 for parking in the Arena parking lot! I'm cheap, we parked in the streets of the industrial wasteland instead and walked between some shady buildings to get there. We walked fast for 2 reasons:
1) It was scary
2) It was 7:50pm and the ticket read:
"No Opening Act"
"Show Begins at 8pm Prompt"

The crowd was as you would expect, many cross-dressers, gays, fan-girls, "good boyfriends", and me.

We got inside as quickly as we could, and went past the concessions directly to our $53.50 + $11.10 (service charge) nosebleed seats, it was painful because we were both hungry. George was, of course, fashionably late. By 8:20, we were so hungry and decided it was worth the risk missing the his entrance to get some food in our bellies. We had plenty of time.

Before the lights went out, what was saw on the stage looked like a huge, black inflatable mattress hanging from the ceiling to the stage and then off the front of the stage.

George decided we waited long enough, the lights went out and the huge inflatable mattress lit up like a curvy jumbo-tron. The screen split in the middle and out he walked, through the curved area, onto the lit up floor section. It was quite the entrance.

San Diego was his first American tour date. I guess George thought that we Americans only listen to the singles because after the first song, he seemed shocked with our response and said something like "after that it seems you knowledge of me goes beyond Faith"

The screen lit up with huge 3-D rendered disco balls that changed shapes to globes of the earth, and question marks, and hearts. The graphic were very fun to watch moving from top to bottom and off the screen at the front of the stage entirely.

Some songs I remember being played

Careless Whisper
Everything She Wants (This one had diamonds cascading off of the screen, under Georges feet off of the stage in front of him)
"I'm Your Man (If your gonna do it, do it right (right) do it with me)"
A Different Corner (floating dandelion seeds)

Too Funky
Father Figure
One More Try
Kissing A Fool (he said he didn't play this one in Europe)
Waiting for That Day

This concert came shortly after the California Supreme Court overturned the gay marriage ban, we thought he might mention it and here's what we got:
"I sawr a couple of ladies getting married on the television yesterday" (crowd cheers) "it's about fucking time"
"This is for my partner, Kenny." Then he sang "Amazing." I think this song if the one that looked like Geiss or MilkDrop went to the SF Parade, dancing rainbow lines moving across the screen in time with the music above, behind, and under George. Fabulous.

"What is the one song that you haven't heard tonight that you want to hear"
I was thinking "I Want Your Sex" but the rest of the crowd wanted "Freedom 90"

I really wanted to hear "Something to Save" but he didn't play it :(

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